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samurai Jack

January 21, 2009


As an illustrator, I see my strength in character design. I aim to record and explore what inspires me to do character design, and some of the strongest pieces of character design that I have come across and that have helped to shape my work.

Samurai Jack [for me] is one of the best pieces on animation I have ever come across. Everything seems to work from the opening theme, storyline, the characters, colours, background, the action.I found the whole arrangement groundbreaking [ I started watching samurai jack in 2004]

The style in which the characters in Samurai Jack were designed still fascinates me to this day. Take the main character Samurai Jack as an example, his facial features, clothing, his hands and feet, very simple use of line and colour. I found this unusual as I was more used to the detail of another great piece of animation Dragon Ball which I was also watching at the same time [2004]. Dragon Ball like many other Anime’s had supa dupa detail, especially on the characters physical features.

Samurai Jack helped me free my style and start experimenting with simple use of line, flat colour and geometric shapes when creating characters. I found a freedom in exaggeration, something I still champion to this very day

The opening theme is my second favorite for a cartoon, not only because of the music but because the stills work as a story on their own. I plan to create a comic in a similar format, Japanese inspired, almost scroll like with little or no text, focusing on actions and end result.

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