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egon schiele

January 22, 2009


There are three parts of the human anatomy that I have become fond of drawing, hands, feet and hair [if at all hair can be called a part] . Ordinary just won’t do, I have always had a love affair with the human body but I got tired of drawing it in the same way and/or seeing other artist drawing it in the same way. The human body is exciting not boring, a lot can be done with it I thought, this is at some point in 2003 while studying A level art. Then I found a book on Egon Schiele, everything changed.

His elongated body’s with bony fingers reminded me of myself, and they were executed with a freedom I cannot describe in words. Here was an artist who could make bony hands and the size-0 like physique appealing. Here began my love affair with drawing hands and exaggerating and elongating the human figure, and it has continued ever since.

I also think he was a master of colour and has influenced my palette. Egon Schiele, I salute you. I think, if he was around today, he would make an excellent character designer.

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