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dave kinsey

January 30, 2009


Dave Kinsey’s works mainly by using characters or as defined on his website, using urban figures. He is the founder of blk/mkt gallery and there have also been two books published showcasing exhibitions held at the gallery. I am attracted to his work because of his use of scale. He works in different scale patterns, but when his urban figures are scaled up, I find they are more powerful and appealing, almost confrontational. His use of scale for me, helps drive the message home in comparison to his smaller illustrated or graphic pieces. I prefer his earlier works where his palette was more varied, his recent pieces are mainly done in hues of red and black. His work has encouraged me to experiment with scale and take a set of my characters that are smaller illustrations and blow them up and see what effect  and message they communicate not only to the audience, but on me as artist who usually works on a smaller scale. Examples of his work can be seen below, a set of three of my personal favorites.

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  1. March 24, 2010

    dope post!

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