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The Camden Stables Market mural project took up 6 weeks to complete. I co-ordinated and participated in creating personal pieces as well as collaborating with the 24 other artists there. Below are bits and pieces that I did or contributed to. More images of all the work via link below.

my favorite illustration thus far this year, wind courtesy of b.sunn

5foot, kbk84, p+

characters kbk84, blue bits p+

filling in the gaps…fun freestyle..children of the sun

5 foot & kbk84

GTS, 5foot, Kbk84

kbk84, twiggs blue detail

5 in the morn freestyle

mask initial sketch > pensee+, colours and outline to this point kbk84

mask> sketch pensee+, detail > kbk84, colours, type and pattern >sally,  extra patterns >twiggs

gecko sketch and details and pattern > pensee+, additional patterns colours, outline > kbk84

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