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it has to be told…

May 8, 2010


I bought some black and white nike canvas dunks back in 2006, they cost me a fortune. How it happened , ask me another one, but the left shoe got a hole where the big toe resides, so I kept the sneaks in storage for a while, pulling them out to get some air every summer. Was hanging out in Camden at some point in 2008 and two girls walk into the Ifreecans shop. One is rocking the black and white canvas dunks, the same ones that I own and happened to be wearing on that same day. I asked what size her shoes were, she said 8, I said mine too, but my left shoe has a hole, you want to swap? She said ok and we did. After changing insoles and saying thanks 100 times, she walked away with my left dunk and left me with hers. ONLY IN CAMDEN.

Came across this blog that asked to submit illustrations and a story about your favorite and worst fashion item. I love those dunks, so submitted the illustration above. I will never forget that day…even the shoes wont let me because my right dunk is old and renders like an old boot and my left dunk is new…my feet feel confused…but I love my dunks. I wonder is she still remembers me? This story had to be told…

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