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and art residency, marrakech [part 1]

October 25, 2010


I recently took part in And Art Marrakech, a 10 day musical and visual arts residency  featuring International artists collaborating with local artists from Morroco. The brief for visual artists was ‘storytelling’ as Marrakech is famous for storytellers. stories having been passed down for generations.
My interpretation was to produce a set of work based on my experiences in Marrakech. Instead of illustrating local tales, I told my story. The story above is based on a night in the Medina where the artists in residence  frequented to have our meals.It documents a conversation between myself, a fellow artist and a food vendor. The format is meant to read left to right, down every three panels, but is deliberately arranged to highlight the randomness of the whole conversation. Without clear direction on how to read the tale, it becomes a bit confusing and hilarious, as was the whole dialogue. The complete work was exhibited in a group show in Remp Art Gallery, Marrakech. Click image to enlarge
For more on the And Art Residency, check link below

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