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sakura mural in progress

April 20, 2013


divai mural 2

Been working on a Sakura themed mural for Divai wine bar & cafe located in Ushitsu, Japan. Was given free reign over the design and wanted to add my twist to the regular sakura style/ Japanese tree imagery. I can’t beat the originals, don’t wish to, or do a half baked copy, just adding my twist to a well known, covered and much loved subject. Its my second mural where I am using only paints and brush for all the work and details, usually mix media and use markers for the line work. Pumping a lot of effort into this, because if you have experienced Sakura, its a tough theme to reproduce so it needs to be slick, as well as the commissioner is a good friend and  the space is very well put together, meaning my design needs to echo/compliment this. Photos of completed mural soon to follow.

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