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divai tee design recap

August 2, 2013


I have not posted anything up for a while, but I have been away working on a few projects but now I am back and will update my blog more often. I wanted to start with the image above, a revision of the Divai mural I did earlier this year. After its completion, the owner and I toyed around with the idea of transforming it into a tee graphic. I had to reduce the whole mural to fit into an A3 tee screen, and make sure it kept its appeal without the use of its original colours. The original post can be seen here

The lines remain bold and graphic whilst the characters had to be slightly tweaked as the spaces the two artworks occupy are completely different as are their functions. Whereas in the mural they are all spaced, for the tee the characters, tree and flowers had to all come together, it was a reduction in scale but not in quality. I feel it works well as a promotional vehicle for Divai and gives that association with Sakura, a time for celebrations, festivals, newness and good times. It is in print at present, one colour, on a variety of adult and children tees.

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