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updated painting + painting portfolio

August 23, 2013


sketch 2



My painting portfolio has been updated with new material and once again collaborated with the very talented Ambra Vernuccio to take photos of my work [see more of her work via the link below]

The image above is a piece that I started in London in 2012 and left semi-finished in California. Decided to revisit it after almost 1 year and tweak it slightly. It was there composition wise , but “the devil is in the detail” and felt it was missing that extra push. Top photo was taken  in 2012, when sketching ideas for the piece, second image [ photo by Ambra], was taken in 2012 when all the lines were in place, first colour photo taken with an Iphone in 2012 when working out the colours, following ones with a much better camera in 2013 [ I am no Ambra Vernuccio but I tried]

I changed the image and therefore had to change the tile to something a little more robust than the pieces’ previous given name. It is now known as NEFERTITI, BLACK JESUS BUDDAH & LUCKY PANTHER JUDAH ,strong you say, yes, but so is the piece.

The updated portfolio and Ambra’s work can be seen below and will post up more works in progress and complete pieces as and when I finish them.

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