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revising nairobi’s music based graphics

August 29, 2013


Was contacted by a Nairobi based friend and talented musician wishing to commission some artwork for a poster for an upcoming series of indie live music gigs. He expressed concern that the poster and advertising graphics especially for music and live music events were stale , the graphics a mish mash of digitally blended soup and the type poorly thought out.

The gigs, bands, and music is fantastic, but the visuals do not reflect this. He wanted to create something that people would be happy to take home with them and that echoed his vision for his new project. What I got from this brief is create “a poster people would love to have/steal and hang up in their houses” and yet become a visual identity for the brand that can function on different formats. Above is a snippet of the artwork I am working on for the poster of the first of this gigs. More info and final piece soon to follow.

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