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bue’ sabi continued

November 18, 2013


One of the most interesting projects I worked on in 2012 was for the short film Bue’ Sabi. The short film is doing well and has won a few awards and is still screening and doing its rounds in independent festivals. I posted about it a few times, but mainly in regards to the character designs that I created as well as using the characters on tees.

I was also commissioned to create the main logo and type to be used for opening and end credits. The brief was the type needed to be hand done and rustic . It had been a while since I had done anything major with type and drew upon the similarity of the language used in the film, Portuguese, as a starting point for creating my type. Brazil is also a Portuguese speaking country and most importantly has a very interesting type style known as Pixacao or Pichacao.

Pixação or pichação (Portuguese pronunciation: [piʃaˈsɐ̃w̃]) is a unique form of graffiti native to the Southeastern metropolises of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It consists of tagging done in a distinctive, cryptic style, mainly on walls and vacant buildings. Many pixação artists compete to paint in high and inaccessible places, using such techniques as free climbing and abseiling to reach the locations. Pixação has inspired and formed many Brazilian street artists, such as Os Gêmeos and Nunca [Wikipedia]

Pixação acted as a great point of reference because there are so many different styles available. I borrowed, added and subtracted from a variety of sources until I created ‘my own’ version of  typography for Bue’ Sabi. I created the type with a hand brush pen, scanned it into Photoshop, tweaked it slightly and the results can be seen above.

Apart from being a very fun and interesting exercise, the film features work by artists that I know personally such as Mohammed Yahya and Just A Band on the soundtrack and Ambra Vernuccio as the stills photographer.

You can see the whole film via the link below as well as more on the other work I created for Bue’ Sabi.

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