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dunia ina mambo > sorry for the delay

January 18, 2014



I love Just A Band, from the very first video I came across way back in 2009 if memory serves me correct, I knew this guys were on to something . Their creative approach and style of referencing takes me to simpler, better, freer, fun days.I will not pen more on them, a lot has been written about the group and they continue to shine. For more on the group see the link

The image above is my third installment at cataloguing a selection of videos they have produced from different albums. It is from their latest album “Sorry For The Delay”, another great production with a good  medley of tracks that is a staple in my playlist. Did two versions, a brighter one and a more toned down, retro colorway. Pick and choose which you like the best.

“Dunia Ina Mambo” is the title of the song and the images above have been referenced from the video that can be seen via this link , in my opinion a work of genius.

For more on the group,music and work see their website and you can also follow them on their Facebook page

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