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bringing back the portraits

February 23, 2014






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A few years back,  I used to love doing portraits or character portraits. I would pick an image I like, go straight into the drawing with a permanent marker or brush marker so that it came out raw with little need to rub or edit the image, it would be, what it would be.

This path of a freelance illustrator brings in a variety of jobs, some to just pay the bills, and ever so often, some stuff that really stimulates the whole of your creative being. I guess this kind of work does it for me, but now I have two styles and I am to produce more portraits in both these styles. Not to mention I feel I am finally getting the hang of this coloring digitally gig, and it has finally transformed from being a pain to a fun and experimental process.

I also like the fact that they look like the person, but don’t really look like the person, got to think about who it is, some more than others. It is always interesting what my eye sees in comparison to that of others. Throw a few of these into my portfolio in a few weeks time and see what happens.

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