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return to my element

February 23, 2015


old me

nc blog

I haven’t posted anything up for almost one year but that does not mean I have not been active. The digital age with its multiple platforms has seen my migrate and concentrate much of my efforts on Instagram, which now doubles as a place where I post my musings, activities and recent works. If you are on there, follow me if you please

My first post of the year is filled with memories. The brief for the illustration was “my element”, and I had been commissioned to do something similar by the same person back in 2012. It is interesting to see both images next to each other, much has changed and in many respects will continue to do so.

Much of my time is now balanced between painting, illustration and recently writing and venturing back into curation and collaborative projects. Hopefully I will be able to maintain this blog and post more often and look forward to seeing where 2015 takes me.

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