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when WE were kings

November 20, 2013



I formed the Ifreecans Collective in 2008 as an exercise for collaboration and a platform for different artists to showcase their work.

After a two year hiatus from the open air market scene, the Ifreecans Collective mark their return to Brick Lane Sunday Up Market this November – December with old school style.

“When We Were Kings ” is the name chosen for this comeback and offer will be 25 of some old school classic collabo pieces created by different Ifreecans Collective members from 2008-2011 created whilst working in Camden. We pulled works from our private stash to mark our return and will also have tees and other goodies on offer, but the original pieces will be the main highlight of the day and also the weeks after [if we have any left] .

We will be at the Brick Lane Sunday Upmarket, now know as the Homegrown Market of Sunday 24th November, at the upper level from 10-5.

You can also keep posted on the Collective activities on the Facebook page via the link below. Hope to see you then and the following Sunday’s till 22 December.

back to the studio … printing tees + a bit of history

March 4, 2013



2013 marks my and Ifreecans Collective comeback into the tee design and screen-printing market. Having designed and printed my own tee graphics since 2006, much has changed and since 2008-2011, I gradually slowed down production as well as introducing new designs to the Ifreecans Collective line. Tides have changed,  the tee industry seems to be in good form and we have sourced good quality suppliers. Building on our printing and design experience over the years, the timing feels right to start anew, being very well informed by the old.

We started out with the re-introduction of the golden oldies, see link below. Now, there are new exciting collaborations in the works, as well as the development of new designs. The business model has changed, we are not large scale screen printers, we have never been and never really intend to be. What we chose to do is take over creative control of the whole design to print process, and a result, we will only be putting out a handful of designs, that we feel we want to print, in the quantities we are able to print. Small scale production will enable us to switch over designs quickly, and breathe freshness into the Ifreecans Collective tee line, and have fun in the process of doing so.

The image above shows a selection samples of new designs coming into print in the next coming weeks and months. We have refined the printed tee labels and will continue to fine tune along the way. You can see the development of these ideas from the links below. It has been a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. I am excited, and its been a while. This will translate into what comes next, keep checking for new updates

bue’ sabi character design

September 20, 2012


Character designs based on actors from short film Bue’ Sabi. Fun project and a chance to collaborate on a film which is a new experience for me. More on the project, film and completed works soon to follow.

converse pro street london collabo

September 10, 2012


One of the last collaborations I did with Eunie before she left [as Ifreecans Collective] was for the Converse Pro Street Campaign. Many thanks to Jason, Anouk and the rest of the team for making it happen, and thanks to the talent that is Eunie for contributing her amazing skills to the live art canvas we did, took about 2 hours to do and you can see more of her work via the link below. Find the cameras placed in the different European cities and express yourself.

eunie + kiboko = new collabo

July 6, 2012


Had the pleasure of collaborating on two different pieces with Eunie, a painter/illustrator and also a member of the Ifreecans Collective. The piece can be moved about to change its narrative. It was created for Anouk, of Intuitive Patterns, as a thank you for her amazing good nature, professionalism and effort, as well as that of her team from thismemento, and the ease we had working with all of them makes me hope we get to do it again soon. See more of Eunie’s work via the first link, and more about Anouk via the second link, and more about thismemento via the third link.

my interview on creative nestlings

July 1, 2012


Woooooo - its not blood its paint by kiboko HachiYon

Did a Q&A with the guys at Creative Nestlings about what I do and the Ifreecans Collective. See the interview via the link below and my thanks to Dillion Phiri.

i cut my nose in London

June 21, 2012


‘I cut my nose in London’ is the title I have given to this piece and the explanation as to why is soon to follow. One of the first pieces I started in 2012 and took about 3 months to complete. The image is captured and brought to life by the photography skills of Ambra Vernuccio. The piece is for sale and details of where it will be exhibited will be posted soon.

painting funky town

May 25, 2012


Got a commission to revamp and paint interior and exterior of Funky Town, a vintage clothing shop in Camden Stables Market, London. Was given creative freedom and chose to match the colours to the name of the shop, revamping their logo with a brighter colour palette. Took a while to complete as I had to work around the mixed up London weather. If your visit Camden, check them out, they have good vintage stuff at fair prices

ladies and gentlemen

March 26, 2012


ladies and gentlemen by kiboko HachiYon

Professional, or raw, I am documenting my new works as they progress, then getting professional pictures taken of the pieces as well. Something I started a few days back, will post more meat on the bones as the work progresses.

built from scratch part 2

March 26, 2012


built from scratch part 2 by kiboko HachiYon
Finally finished this piece and will be putting up the final photos soon. But first, wanted to show a photograph of the work at it’s inception , courtesy of Ambra Vernuccio. I am starting to document my new works as they progresses, initially with quick photographs, as well as using Ambra’s skill to capture the work professionally. I use these visual accounts as a point of reference and they aid me to tweak and edit the piece as well as showing the working method which I am starting to adopt with this new body of work.Will continue documenting the stages and finished work and posting it up when I can. More images to follow

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