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when WE were kings

November 20, 2013



I formed the Ifreecans Collective in 2008 as an exercise for collaboration and a platform for different artists to showcase their work.

After a two year hiatus from the open air market scene, the Ifreecans Collective mark their return to Brick Lane Sunday Up Market this November – December with old school style.

“When We Were Kings ” is the name chosen for this comeback and offer will be 25 of some old school classic collabo pieces created by different Ifreecans Collective members from 2008-2011 created whilst working in Camden. We pulled works from our private stash to mark our return and will also have tees and other goodies on offer, but the original pieces will be the main highlight of the day and also the weeks after [if we have any left] .

We will be at the Brick Lane Sunday Upmarket, now know as the Homegrown Market of Sunday 24th November, at the upper level from 10-5.

You can also keep posted on the Collective activities on the Facebook page via the link below. Hope to see you then and the following Sunday’s till 22 December.

chasing that solo

June 19, 2013







Been hidden away pumping up new works for a Solo show, that I aim to organise as soon as I have finished a sound body of work. The above pieces [in progress, others complete] are such an example, and through them I am exploring the theme of “Afrosexuality” [specifically in Africa] and how the portrayal of African women in the nude is seen as taboo by some, and arousing or amusing by others. Sexuality, subdued for a long period of time is slowly leaking out to mixed reviews, both internally and externally.

 I had wanted to work on such pieces for a long time, but there was that internal struggle and thoughts of alienating my original audience hindered my diversification. Risk is good, and this work will not be for everyone or cater to everybody’s tastes, just as my earlier works have had their fans and critics.  I have always produced what I felt I needed to put out there and hope to continue to do so in my creative practice. The extract below is from a price of writing I did about my work and summarises my thoughts well. Professional pictures of finished works soon to follow.

Far too long have I edited the content of my paintings, straddling the line between the monikers of Street Art & Contemporary African Art [don’t qualify for the Primitive Art section since I landed in Europe and was ‘taught’ in Art school] Thank you Chris Ofili & Wangechi Mutu for new found inspiration. Hope you enjoyed the old works. The next ones are going to be a doozy”

showing at saatchi gallery

June 14, 2013



The piece above, ” In all the wrong places” has been selected to be shown with other works on screen at the Saatchi Gallery. The screening will be on the second floor of the gallery and dates are yet to be confirmed, but I believe it will be up from June to July.

It seems the tides are changing in respect to getting a little love from galleries. I will take what I am given and keep pushing. Keep yourself updated on my new works via the link below. If you are in London, go have a look and enjoy.

been & gone: submission to “day of the dead” art auction

October 28, 2012


This is a piece I am working on for the  exhibition “Arte de Los Muertos”  that I have been invited to participate in. The theme is to create a piece that “commemorates the creation of death, as well as the interplay of life and death” and this is my take on it. The “day of the dead” imagery feels a bit too dark for me personally, plus I have not yet had the opportunity to illustrate or paint a skull, so I chose to create a piece showing a moment of thought, thanks and remembrance to those who have been and gone. In some way, ancestral or spirit worship, for some cultures believe the spirit always remains and I replaced the skulls with masks instead. The piece will be sold at a silent auction and a percentage of proceeds from the sale donated to two different charities. More on the event can be seen via the link below, and if you are in San Francisco on the day, come down to the show and say hello. Image of finished piece soon to follow.

painting portfolio

July 6, 2012


It has been a long time coming, but finally have my painting portfolio up and running. Have only updated works created between 2010 and 2012, and will keep documenting new painted works and uploading them as often as they are created. Many thanks to Ambra Vernuccio for helping me with the documenting process. See some new, some old and some familiar works via the link below.

TANO a collaborative exhibition

March 2, 2009


The Ifreecans Collective will be holding their second exhibition on the 10th of March at the Inspiral Lounge, 250 Camden High Street, Camden Lock, London NW1 8QS. The exhibition features new work produced in 2009 and focuses on our bigger collaborative pieces. Many thanks to Dor from Inspiral Lounge for providing the platform and all are invited, will be a good night. Information available on the flyer below.

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