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editorial illustration

May 3, 2015


Editorial Illustration

Editorial Illustration 2

Editorial Illustration 3

Editorial Illustration 4

Editorial Illustration 6

Editorial Illustration 7

Editorial Illustration 8

A quick selection of editorial illustration commissions that I have completed from mid 2014 to April 2015. I have been working with the same guys for almost 3 years and it is interesting to see how the style I created for them develops depending on the commission.

asobi – colour roughs

April 28, 2014




Finally managed to get some clean pencils in and add some quick colour to the ASOBI painting proposals. The original image can function as one whole piece or be broken up into anything from 2 to 6 separate pieces, creating alternative narratives according to how the work is arranged.  More images to follow.

asobi roughs

April 25, 2014



JFULL J5 BLOG J4 BLOGJ6 BLOGJ3 BLOGJ2 BLOGJ1 BLOG Working away on roughs for a collaborative narrative painting. The idea is one image is divided into different blocks and the story can be read in different formats according to how the images are arranged. The piece will be titled asobi which means play in Japanese and shows freedom and enjoyment of life, the joys of being care free.

illustration portfolio update

March 11, 2014


NEPTUNES BLOGFine tuning my illustration portfolio is taking an age, with the final intention of getting more work tailored to my style. Experimenting with the use of line and colour, and starting to enjoy using photoshop [think I mentioned this in a previous post] but it has taken me a while to get here.

Still prefer to put my lines down using pen or pencil, then photoshop for colours, but will experiment with any media and an added bonus, if you scan in work that already has been coloured by hand then it saves you half of the time. I am getting quicker, but it still takes me longer to paint digitally than traditionally.

I found a photo of the image above and kept it in my scrapbook awaiting the correct time for me to address it, and that took almost 8 years. It’s interesting when you look back at your own style and you realise that it has always been there, you just needed to believe in it and if need be fine tune elements of it.

Seems like an obvious lesson and a repetitive one at that, but the truth of the matter with most things is,  it takes time.

See more via the link below.

bringing back the portraits

February 23, 2014






jaal blog JAYNAS BLOG

A few years back,  I used to love doing portraits or character portraits. I would pick an image I like, go straight into the drawing with a permanent marker or brush marker so that it came out raw with little need to rub or edit the image, it would be, what it would be.

This path of a freelance illustrator brings in a variety of jobs, some to just pay the bills, and ever so often, some stuff that really stimulates the whole of your creative being. I guess this kind of work does it for me, but now I have two styles and I am to produce more portraits in both these styles. Not to mention I feel I am finally getting the hang of this coloring digitally gig, and it has finally transformed from being a pain to a fun and experimental process.

I also like the fact that they look like the person, but don’t really look like the person, got to think about who it is, some more than others. It is always interesting what my eye sees in comparison to that of others. Throw a few of these into my portfolio in a few weeks time and see what happens.

soba manki > pictoplasma selfie entry

February 12, 2014


soba blogLove the guys at Pictoplasma and what they do in setting and pushing the platform for character design. Love the books they have put out too and will very soon have them added to my library of reference material.

This is my entry for a call out for The Pictoplasma Portrait Project. Brought out some old muscle, one of my favourite characters, Soba Manki, part of a set of apes that I created and need to make better use of.  See more about the project via the link below, as well as more about Pictoplasma and the work they do.

dunia ina mambo > sorry for the delay

January 18, 2014



I love Just A Band, from the very first video I came across way back in 2009 if memory serves me correct, I knew this guys were on to something . Their creative approach and style of referencing takes me to simpler, better, freer, fun days.I will not pen more on them, a lot has been written about the group and they continue to shine. For more on the group see the link

The image above is my third installment at cataloguing a selection of videos they have produced from different albums. It is from their latest album “Sorry For The Delay”, another great production with a good  medley of tracks that is a staple in my playlist. Did two versions, a brighter one and a more toned down, retro colorway. Pick and choose which you like the best.

“Dunia Ina Mambo” is the title of the song and the images above have been referenced from the video that can be seen via this link , in my opinion a work of genius.

For more on the group,music and work see their website and you can also follow them on their Facebook page

going old school … its been a while

November 28, 2013


peko blog

Really fun commission I had made me revisit watercolour painting. I have not touched this medium for over 10 years, but the brief called for a rustic vintage recreation of very old Japanese food/beer posters in my own style.

Wish I had more time on this one, but for a rusty 10 year comeback I am happy with the results and hope to explore watercolour’s more. The wet on wet blend has a voice of its own and I like the lack of control as the paint does its own thing.

bue’ sabi continued

November 18, 2013


One of the most interesting projects I worked on in 2012 was for the short film Bue’ Sabi. The short film is doing well and has won a few awards and is still screening and doing its rounds in independent festivals. I posted about it a few times, but mainly in regards to the character designs that I created as well as using the characters on tees.

I was also commissioned to create the main logo and type to be used for opening and end credits. The brief was the type needed to be hand done and rustic . It had been a while since I had done anything major with type and drew upon the similarity of the language used in the film, Portuguese, as a starting point for creating my type. Brazil is also a Portuguese speaking country and most importantly has a very interesting type style known as Pixacao or Pichacao.

Pixação or pichação (Portuguese pronunciation: [piʃaˈsɐ̃w̃]) is a unique form of graffiti native to the Southeastern metropolises of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It consists of tagging done in a distinctive, cryptic style, mainly on walls and vacant buildings. Many pixação artists compete to paint in high and inaccessible places, using such techniques as free climbing and abseiling to reach the locations. Pixação has inspired and formed many Brazilian street artists, such as Os Gêmeos and Nunca [Wikipedia]

Pixação acted as a great point of reference because there are so many different styles available. I borrowed, added and subtracted from a variety of sources until I created ‘my own’ version of  typography for Bue’ Sabi. I created the type with a hand brush pen, scanned it into Photoshop, tweaked it slightly and the results can be seen above.

Apart from being a very fun and interesting exercise, the film features work by artists that I know personally such as Mohammed Yahya and Just A Band on the soundtrack and Ambra Vernuccio as the stills photographer.

You can see the whole film via the link below as well as more on the other work I created for Bue’ Sabi.

‘lifewide style’ editorials

November 18, 2013


cake shop  i know cameo push cameo walk cameoss cameodrive

Have not posted anything in a while but have been busy with a variety of projects. I return to blogging with some editorial illustrations I have been working on recently. Been working for this company on a freelance basis for almost a year now, and have cultivated a working narrative method based on their mainly educational briefs which I now refer to as “lifewide” style. Its great to work with people who have a very specific idea on what they want, but who also respect your creativity and input and give you room to flex and develop your technique. Also getting back into adding typography into my illustrated work, especially with this company’s subject matter, mixing both is at times essential.

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