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guy peellaert

October 7, 2010


Was looking for inspiration for the ‘Poets Get Paid’ banner and I came across this. Gave me the jolt I needed plus introduced me to a fantastic artist, Guy Peellaert. Enjoy

kenya’s jedi….just a band

May 11, 2010


is goood…..

July 24, 2009


David choe….is whoa…… ever inspiring

lost girl



get lifted

July 23, 2009


its just could be…..just could be that I will be working on a comicĀ  soon….interesting….so i went to seek inspiration…and of of my favourite artist out there provided…arigato dude


July 16, 2009


shot entirely using webcams………………. nice track 2

ashley wood

April 27, 2009


ashley wood …what can i say, a master of his craft, a master of all materials and above all else, one of the sickest/illest/dopest/call it what you may character designers out there. I honestly cannot compare him to anyone else. Have a looksee at his blog and site and enjoy


April 13, 2009


Me thinks kozyndan are the king and queen of superflat. Much of their work is sketched out in pencil then colored digitally and looks amazing. I like their mixture of realism and characters in their work, their studies and environments, everything, but above all else, even though they work digitally, you can see evidence of the hand based origins of their work. My favorites are their panoramic’s, check out their work via the link below

know ur ish

April 10, 2009


I saw the set of these images at the Tate Modern, used it in a presentation and its also part of my inspiration for doing a set of bigger pieces for one of my 4 projects, and did not even knew who the artist is. Ignorance is not bliss, I give you Julian Opie...the work the Blur album cover, a classic me thinks.

d-pi strikes again

April 10, 2009


I am a great fan on d-pi and his narrative style and his illustration especially for the continuing gratuitous ninja story. For another installation, check the link below and enjoy


April 10, 2009


I find it difficult to put 123klan into a particular creative class, they describe themselves as a creative studio working in graphic design, graffiti and street art and lets just say they are all round artists. What attracts me to their work is their collaboration and their logo designs, the way they mix street and corporate and their use of line, love it. check out examples of their work via the link below.

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