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when WE were kings

November 20, 2013



I formed the Ifreecans Collective in 2008 as an exercise for collaboration and a platform for different artists to showcase their work.

After a two year hiatus from the open air market scene, the Ifreecans Collective mark their return to Brick Lane Sunday Up Market this November – December with old school style.

“When We Were Kings ” is the name chosen for this comeback and offer will be 25 of some old school classic collabo pieces created by different Ifreecans Collective members from 2008-2011 created whilst working in Camden. We pulled works from our private stash to mark our return and will also have tees and other goodies on offer, but the original pieces will be the main highlight of the day and also the weeks after [if we have any left] .

We will be at the Brick Lane Sunday Upmarket, now know as the Homegrown Market of Sunday 24th November, at the upper level from 10-5.

You can also keep posted on the Collective activities on the Facebook page via the link below. Hope to see you then and the following Sunday’s till 22 December.


September 30, 2013


fb 2

One of the first pieces to be completed during my stay in Cali is a piece titled ” Family”. It’s a mixed media piece created using spray paint, markers and acrylics.

Switched my style in regards to point of focus. Usually I focus more on eyes and posture, especially the hands. This time round I introduced teeth into the formula. They [teeth] feature in a lot of facial expressions, come in all shapes and sizes and hope to explore their use more in future work.

Trying to get my head around the use of spray cans as well as I used them more for backgrounds and effects, it will take some time but enjoying the results so far. More work to be posted up soon.

so far to go

September 27, 2013


LLady afropit ass shoulders


Sneak peak of some pieces that I am working on at present, mixed media on canvas. More images soon to follow showing process and final works.

laguna jamming

September 20, 2013



stage 2



dtails 2

dtails 1

detail 4

final. webjpg

Made it back to Laguna beach and had a blast jamming with fantastic artist and sculptor Louis Longi at his studio. He recovered some doors from a demolished house and asked me if I wanted to paint something. Freestyled this in 4-5 hours with materials he provided, mix of spray cans and paint and they will be on display at his space in Laguna Beach. Looking forward to future jamming and more collaborations with Louis and his amazing space. See link below for mural that I did there last year.

updated painting + painting portfolio

August 23, 2013


sketch 2



My painting portfolio has been updated with new material and once again collaborated with the very talented Ambra Vernuccio to take photos of my work [see more of her work via the link below]

The image above is a piece that I started in London in 2012 and left semi-finished in California. Decided to revisit it after almost 1 year and tweak it slightly. It was there composition wise , but “the devil is in the detail” and felt it was missing that extra push. Top photo was taken  in 2012, when sketching ideas for the piece, second image [ photo by Ambra], was taken in 2012 when all the lines were in place, first colour photo taken with an Iphone in 2012 when working out the colours, following ones with a much better camera in 2013 [ I am no Ambra Vernuccio but I tried]

I changed the image and therefore had to change the tile to something a little more robust than the pieces’ previous given name. It is now known as NEFERTITI, BLACK JESUS BUDDAH & LUCKY PANTHER JUDAH ,strong you say, yes, but so is the piece.

The updated portfolio and Ambra’s work can be seen below and will post up more works in progress and complete pieces as and when I finish them.

chasing that solo

June 19, 2013







Been hidden away pumping up new works for a Solo show, that I aim to organise as soon as I have finished a sound body of work. The above pieces [in progress, others complete] are such an example, and through them I am exploring the theme of “Afrosexuality” [specifically in Africa] and how the portrayal of African women in the nude is seen as taboo by some, and arousing or amusing by others. Sexuality, subdued for a long period of time is slowly leaking out to mixed reviews, both internally and externally.

 I had wanted to work on such pieces for a long time, but there was that internal struggle and thoughts of alienating my original audience hindered my diversification. Risk is good, and this work will not be for everyone or cater to everybody’s tastes, just as my earlier works have had their fans and critics.  I have always produced what I felt I needed to put out there and hope to continue to do so in my creative practice. The extract below is from a price of writing I did about my work and summarises my thoughts well. Professional pictures of finished works soon to follow.

Far too long have I edited the content of my paintings, straddling the line between the monikers of Street Art & Contemporary African Art [don’t qualify for the Primitive Art section since I landed in Europe and was ‘taught’ in Art school] Thank you Chris Ofili & Wangechi Mutu for new found inspiration. Hope you enjoyed the old works. The next ones are going to be a doozy”

showing at saatchi gallery

June 14, 2013



The piece above, ” In all the wrong places” has been selected to be shown with other works on screen at the Saatchi Gallery. The screening will be on the second floor of the gallery and dates are yet to be confirmed, but I believe it will be up from June to July.

It seems the tides are changing in respect to getting a little love from galleries. I will take what I am given and keep pushing. Keep yourself updated on my new works via the link below. If you are in London, go have a look and enjoy.

ushitsu hidden mountains

May 12, 2013


Ushitsu hidden mountains 1

Ushitsu hidden mountains 2

I have not attempted or contemplated a landscape painting since 1998. This was a request from an Ushitsu resident [above before, below final piece] He wanted a specific scene depicted that he sails past often. Unlike figurative painting, and the other styles I work in, this was a refreshing commission, and an enjoyable chance to go back to pure painting without using mixed media. There is a freeness here that cannot be equaled, almost surrendering the security of line and opting for fluidity and abstraction, plus the subject matter helps, rural Japan is a beautiful place.  Have a look at David Choe’s use of watercolour to get a better understanding of what I mean when I say  “freeness”.

I shunned traditional painting in 2002/2003, opting for the more grittier and limitless possibilities of mixed media painting. The last pieces created using purely acrylic paints include the one and only still life painting I ever did, and a self portrait. I have gone full circle now, dropping and picking up new and old materials over the years, and learning to appreciate and respect each one for its capabilities and limits, whilst trying to avoid limiting myself in the process.

Some change is good, and this has been one of them. Reacquainted myself with “painting” and tasted the joys of landscape painting. Time out from the regular and the ordinary everyday grind has made me pick up my sketchbook and start painting again. Change locations and settings when and if possible, and you will hopefully notice a difference. I have and will try inject this newness back into my usual surroundings.

3 weeks + 150 hours

May 1, 2013









Yes, the Divai Cafe & Wine Bar mural is done and it feels good. I left the characters till the very end as they would help balance out the whole mural, starting with the cat and working my way down. The details give each character a personality and I strive for this element in my work. I want one to associate with a particular character for whatever reason they are drawn to it.

I am happy with the colours and the final look of the piece. Japan has such a rich visual culture and had plenty of reference materials, mainly anime, Ukiyo-e and the great Hokusai. As much as I was heavily influenced by all things Japanese, added my own personal touch, as this is my take on Sakura, plus wanted the space to feel like spring, warm and airy.

Divai Cafe & wine Bar is located in Ushitsu, Noto, Ishikawa prefecture Japan and run by great friends of mine. If and when you make your way here, pop by for a drink and enjoy the mural in real life.

mural progress

April 26, 2013















3 weeks in an this is how the mural at Divai Cafe & Wine Bar is looking.Spent a lot of time on this piece and happy with thus far. As mentioned in the previous post, Sakura is a well known and visited theme [some great others not so] and wanted to do it justice as well as add my own twist to it. Detailing on the flowers is new territory for me, I am more of a character based muralist, and a quick freestyle painter, but welcomed the challenge to do something new. Now I can draw cherry blossom flowers with my eyes closed. Only a few details left on the characters to make them stand out more, and the cat will be the last to be addressed . Pictures of the final piece soon to follow.

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