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editorial illustration

May 3, 2015


Editorial Illustration

Editorial Illustration 2

Editorial Illustration 3

Editorial Illustration 4

Editorial Illustration 6

Editorial Illustration 7

Editorial Illustration 8

A quick selection of editorial illustration commissions that I have completed from mid 2014 to April 2015. I have been working with the same guys for almost 3 years and it is interesting to see how the style I created for them develops depending on the commission.

‘lifewide style’ editorials

November 18, 2013


cake shop  i know cameo push cameo walk cameoss cameodrive

Have not posted anything in a while but have been busy with a variety of projects. I return to blogging with some editorial illustrations I have been working on recently. Been working for this company on a freelance basis for almost a year now, and have cultivated a working narrative method based on their mainly educational briefs which I now refer to as “lifewide” style. Its great to work with people who have a very specific idea on what they want, but who also respect your creativity and input and give you room to flex and develop your technique. Also getting back into adding typography into my illustrated work, especially with this company’s subject matter, mixing both is at times essential.

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