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david choe

January 22, 2009


David Choe is raw…….raw. I bought his book bruised fruit in 2004/2005 and it turned my view of art upside down, I’ve been a fan since then. He uses everything, every media, individually,combined, he’s on the streets, festivals,galleries, he’s global, David Choe is raw. It is difficult to house him in any discipline or genre, street, graphic, fine artist, illustrator, he crosses boundaries. I managed to catch his show at the Lazarides Gallery, somewhere in Central London, 2008, amazing to see that stuff live. Other than his use of mixed media and colours, I like his character creations and his take on human anatomy. To date, he is my most influential artist and the reason I use tippex/whiteout to bring out details in my work. His depiction of hands, bodies and use of colour reminds me of Egon schiele.

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