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back to the studio … printing tees + a bit of history

March 4, 2013



2013 marks my and Ifreecans Collective comeback into the tee design and screen-printing market. Having designed and printed my own tee graphics since 2006, much has changed and since 2008-2011, I gradually slowed down production as well as introducing new designs to the Ifreecans Collective line. Tides have changed,  the tee industry seems to be in good form and we have sourced good quality suppliers. Building on our printing and design experience over the years, the timing feels right to start anew, being very well informed by the old.

We started out with the re-introduction of the golden oldies, see link below. Now, there are new exciting collaborations in the works, as well as the development of new designs. The business model has changed, we are not large scale screen printers, we have never been and never really intend to be. What we chose to do is take over creative control of the whole design to print process, and a result, we will only be putting out a handful of designs, that we feel we want to print, in the quantities we are able to print. Small scale production will enable us to switch over designs quickly, and breathe freshness into the Ifreecans Collective tee line, and have fun in the process of doing so.

The image above shows a selection samples of new designs coming into print in the next coming weeks and months. We have refined the printed tee labels and will continue to fine tune along the way. You can see the development of these ideas from the links below. It has been a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. I am excited, and its been a while. This will translate into what comes next, keep checking for new updates

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